During the Coronavirus Pandemic all training sessions are operated by pre-booking and for EFC members only. We can’t accept any drop-ins.
According to current guidelines we can only provide sessions for U18 fencers.
In November and December 2020 we only offer one Open Session on Tuesdays and Cadet Classes on Wednesdays only. All information regarding sessions will be provided via email to our members.

For more information please see Covid-19 Info.

It is compulsory for all our regular fencers to own their own basic kit consisting of a well-fitting glove, breeches, mask and for Open Session fencers weaponry (sword) and wires.
It is expected that fencers will acquire their own full kit in due course; in the interim the club offers a deposit scheme for the use of club kit.

For full details on EFC fencing kit requirements please see Fencing Kit.

Open Training Sessions

Tuesday and Thursday, 19:00 – 21:30

Thursday Open Session suspended in 2020.
Tuesday Open Session for U18 annual members only; members will be contacted via email with details and booking information.

Come along and set up a box to enjoy a night of sparring with other experienced electric foil, épée or sabre fencers.

These sessions are not supervised and only suitable for fencers over the age of 10 years with experience in electric fencing with their own fencing kit, or anyone wishing to take a pre-arranged private lesson with one of our coaches.

Cadet Fencing Classes

Cadet Classes in November and December 2020 run on Wednesdays only; members will be contacted via email with details and booking information.

We recommend children to be eight years old before starting metal foil fencing, whilst for sabre fencing we suggest children to be at least ten years old due to the heavier weapon. But with all activities, some children are capable earlier, others a bit later.

For children new to fencing we offer our five weeks Beginners Foil Course (see below) to introduce them to the basics of fencing and build their confidence before preparing them to join our regular cadet class as a club member.

Competitive Cadet Foil Class
Wednesday, 18:00 – 19:30

Don McKenzie and Andy Alderman run the Foil Class. Foilists of all levels begin with a warm-up, games and footwork session, followed by some short individual one-to-one training. Suitable not only for those just starting out in the sport, providing a good grounding whilst building confidence, but also for those who have been enjoying the sport for some time. The wide variety of abilities within the class means you will continue to be challenged as your skills develop.

For those ready to take the next step, our highly experienced cadet foil coaches are available to advise your fencer on their suitability for entry into the competition circuit. They can suggest which local competitions are best to get started with, and what supplementary training might be required.

There are competitions suited to young fencers of all abilities, so if you would like further information or your young fencer is feeling ‘competition curious’ please have a chat with one of our coaches and they will be happy to advise what competition is best for you.

Competitive Cadet Sabre Class
Wednesday, 18:00 – 20:00

Naomi Farmer coaches the new format Wednesday Sabre Class. Suited to experienced fencers, the class begins with a warm-up, fitness and footwork, followed by electric fencing and individual lessons. The Wednesday Sabre class is designed to go alongside the Thursday Sabre classes and is pitched at fencers who want to be competitive (or are competition curious), or those who love fencing and want to have more actual fights.

Fencers are expected to be self-motivated: managing their own kit, putting maximum effort into the fitness and footwork training, and fencing/refereeing more-or-less solid for the whole fencing session. This class is not suitable for anyone who is not committed to making the most of the session and improving their skills in Sabre.

If you are an experienced fencer interested in joining this class, please email in the first instance, to reserve a space.

Cadet Sabre Class Thursday, 19:00 – 20:30

Suspended for November and December 2020.

This fun and action-packed class is for sabreurs of all levels. Working with Naomi Farmer, you play some games to warm-up, learn how to chase down your opponent (and run away!) during the footwork session, practice how to score points in the blade skills and tactics session, and finally put your new skills to use as you challenge your classmates to fence.

Those new to Sabre are accepted into the class on the first Thursday of the month only, please email for more information, and to reserve a space.

Beginners Foil Fencing Courses

During the Coronavirus Pandemic, we are unable to schedule new Beginners Courses.

Please send an email to courses@edinburghfencingclub.co.uk to show your interest and we inform you about new courses as soon as available.

We regularly offer Beginners Courses for children and adults coached by Alex McLeod.

It is strongly recommended that anyone new to fencing start with one of our Beginners Courses. They are a fun and friendly structured entry into the sport, giving you the basic skills and confidence you need to get started. Also enabling you to build connections with other fencers at the same level as yourself, and make the transition from course to Cadet Classes or Open Fencing Sessions much more enjoyable. In all, a perfect introduction to fencing and our club without having to make a commitment to full membership.

All kit for the courses will be provided, but please wear comfortable sports clothing and trainers, and bring a refillable water bottle.

If you are interested or have any questions regarding the courses, please get in touch via email: courses@edinburghfencingclub.co.uk

Kids Beginners Course, suitable from 8 years

Wednesday, 18:15 – 19:30 (may be subject to change)
Five weeks course, costs to be confirmed.

The course covers fencing basics through structured training and games, later integrating with the Cadet Foil Class making for an easy transition to our regular weekly classes.
Please be aware that once you have completed the beginner course and start attending our regular Cadet Classes you will need to acquire your own basic kit consisting of glove, breeches and mask.

Adults Beginners Course, suitable from 16 years

Thursday, 19:30 – 21:00 (maybe subject to change)
Eight weeks course, costs to be confirmed.

The course covers fencing basics through structured training, games and matches. You will be hitting your new fencing friends within the first hour. This course is designed to get you to an appropriate level to be able to join in with our regular Open Fencing Sessions.

Please be aware that once you have completed the course and start attending Open Sessions independently, you will need to have acquired the mandatory basic kit consisting of glove, breeches, mask and weaponry (sword and wires). Our armourer is available to advise you, and often has reconditioned weapons for sale at a very reasonable price.